Peritor has been acquired
by Amazon Web Services.

Peritor's product, Scalarium, provides the technology that is the foundation for AWS OpsWorks, a new service launched on February 18 that delivers application control and automation for IT admins and ops-minded developers.

Find out more by reading the press release
or the AWS OpsWorks detail page.

Existing Scalarium users can still login at
New sign ups for Scalarium are not possible - please use AWS OpsWorks instead.

A few important questions for existing Scalarium users:

Why did AWS acquire Peritor? AWS recognized that Scalarium has strong capabilities that are broadly useful to many AWS customers. We are committed to making OpsWorks a great application management solution.

Can I continue to use my Scalarium account? You can continue to use your existing Scalarium account through August 31, 2013.

How do I transition to AWS OpsWorks? We will send an email in March that details the migration steps and options.

How is AWS OpsWorks different than Scalarium? The most important difference is that there is no additional charge for OpsWorks – you pay only for the AWS resources needed to store and run your applications. The migration guide will provide a description of all changes.

Where can I get more information? The AWS OpsWorks service page and FAQs provide more details about the service. If you have additional questions, you can also open a case with AWS Support.